Fintan McHugh – “I’ve had many experiences with online coaching throughout the years and Brett’s coaching and programming is top notch. Always very professional, positive, and really wants whats best for his athletes. I Have had outstanding results working with him through out the years. Cant recommend him enough.”

Chenney Tran – “Overall Brett has been an amazing coach. I came from mostly a percentage training system where I did not understand the RPE system at all, but Brett explained it to me and with some trial and error finally got it down. He also helped me break plateaus on all of my lifts and I was able to beat my last meet total with him by 22.5kg in 5 months”

Mitch Burdan – “Since working with Brett my whole training mentality has changed. He’s always had a positive outlook on what I’m capable of achieving and how hard I should push each week. I’m always encouraged to improve and always given the tools to do so, if somethings not working Brett finds something that will, there’s no lost time. I never feel as though I’m left to myself as I can contact Brett in a number of ways and always get a response no matter how big or small the problem. If you’re looking for a positive, hands on and experienced coach Brett is perfect. #teamBG”

Jacob Pezzuto  – “Coming from someone who is relatively “book smart” in the field of strength and conditioning (I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology, with a specialization in exercise science, and now I am officially a certified collegiate strength coach with my CSCS from the National Strength and Conditioning Association), book smarts only get you so far in this field. Having a coach who personally knows what it takes to be elite in terms of strength, has helped me tremendously, and I can safely say I’m stronger now than I could have ever been before working with you.”

Lukasz  – “Big thanks to Brett Gibbs for helping me on my powerlifting journey! It’s been a great couple months so far! Why do I like it? Great programming! Fast responses to your messages and weekly reporting! You are out of the box motivated by the fact that the top world class lifter is checking/critiquing your videos/lifts! All of his advice are supported with great experience plus you get to watch him in action on youtube! You get to ask questions and be sure you will get a great answers! Additionally, you will be forced to get one extra useful skill – video editing:) Last but not least, if you like a person who is really down to earth then you found one. Thanks Brett!”

Brennan Reardon – “Im really happy with your coaching service. I couldn’t ask for anything more. You are always on time with programs or answering questions etc. I love the fact you do weekly programs. That shows you aren’t using any cookie cutter methods. Plus I think you genuinely care about how your athletes are doing from your Insta stories.”

Josh Eagle – “Man i’ve loved everything about working with you so far, the communication is easy and fast, you clearly outline what you want from the lifter, the technical analysis is the best i’ve seen but most of all, i’ve been hitting PRs constantly! It’s also an honour to be working with such a high class athlete in the sport of powerlifting that is so passionate about the sport. You are also very invested in your lifters and their success.”